5 Showering Tips for Men


Don't Shower in Hot Water

Although a long, hot shower or bath may sound -- and feel -- like one of life's simple pleasures, we're sad to say that all that soaking in hot water isn't doing your skin any favors.

According to dermatologists at the University of Iowa, showers and baths should be kept to 10 minutes or less, and you should only take one once a day at most [source: University of Iowa]. Why the sacrifice? Dry skin.

The outermost layer of our skin, called the stratum corneum, is our natural protective barrier against potentially dangerous bacteria and the harsh environment we're exposed to daily. This is also the layer that keeps moisture from escaping from our skin and the one that wrinkles when we take an extended soak in a bath. When the stratum corneum is compromised, such as from hot showers or harsh soaps, skin may lose natural oils and become dry, increasing risk of dermatitis, rashes and even infection.