5 Tips for Staying Fresh on a Date


Keep Bad Breath at Bay

No matter how hard you try, halitosis might spring up on you during your date. It could be from food that reacts badly in your mouth, or you may have simply picked a food that causes bad breath.

Breath fresheners are easily portable and will mask odors in your mouth. Sugarless gum will help stimulate saliva production. Saliva is a key factor in helping the body rid itself of odor.

Some personal care companies have also started manufacturing disposable toothbrushes. A product like the Colgate Wisp brush, a tiny brush that helps dislodge food particles while freshening your breath, is a discreet way to clean your mouth on the fly.

When all else fails, use your secret weapon: water. Simply swishing water around in your mouth will help remove unwanted food from in between your teeth and prevent smells from happening before they start.