5 Tips for Staying Fresh on a Date


Keep It Clean

One final weapon in your arsenal should be a handkerchief or a pocket pack of facial tissue. This weapon can help you in several ways:

  • As a substitute or extra napkin, in case you drop yours on the floor or need an additional one
  • Instant mop for spilled beverages
  • Cleaning device for mucus-filled nostrils

During your date, you want to stay as neat as possible, and sometimes a flimsy restaurant napkin just doesn't cut (or clean up) the mustard. Having a handkerchief or tissue on hand will help you in a pinch if food gets out of control. Besides, accidents happen, and if you or your date accidentally spills a beverage, whipping out your handkerchief will help mop it up -- hopefully before it causes any damage.

Tissues also come in handy in case your nose has visible mucus in it. One of the worst date conversations is when she holds a tissue in your direction and says, "You need a Kleenex." Prevent this date killer by having your own stash of facial tissues and using them -- especially if you have a runny or stuffed-up nose.

These tools can help you win the dating war. Read on for other tips to stay fresh on a date.

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