Men's Hygiene

Men's hygiene is an important topic for both aesthetic and health reasons. Men's hygiene isn't just about looking and smelling good, it's also about living a healthy life. In this section you'll find great articles about men's hygiene.

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Men, after a hard workout, do you take a shower at the gym or head straight home? Showering at the gym can help you feel refreshed before you go outside. But should it hot or cold water? What about avoiding germs? We've got some answers.

By John Kelly

Those of you in the dating trenches know that having a successful date can be a real battle. You have to declare war on all your bad habits and put your best foot forward to impress the person you're taking out. So how can you stay fresh on a date?

By Jill Jaracz

For the most part, skin problems are not based on gender -- rather it's a person's lifestyle that is most predictive of skin health. Learn what men should do each day to take care of their skin.

By writers


Everyone loves smooth, clean-shaven skin, but a close shave is the biggest cause of unsightly and painful razor bumps that can also lead to scarring. Learn about preventing razor bumps by adding a few simple steps to your shaving routine.

By writers