13 Home Remedies for Bronchitis


Rest, Rest, Rest

Since your bout with bronchitis probably followed on the heels of a cold or the flu, you may find it hard to sit still any longer. But walking around with bronchitis will only make you feel worse and slow your body's ability to fight the infection, so you'll need to take it easy a little longer.

The worst of acute bronchitis typically lasts anywhere from three to 10 days. However, in many (unlucky) cases, it may drag on for three weeks. But the exasperating lingering cough and sticky phlegm? You may be dealing with the remnants of those symptoms for a month or two as your body tries to recover. In other words, ease back into your normal exercise routine and try to keep stress under control to give your system its best chance to return to normal sooner rather than later [source: Harvard Health].

If your body really struggles to evict bronchitis from your system, you may be suffering from a chronic form of the illness, which doctors define as lingering for three or more months. Smokers and people who are exposed to air pollution are more susceptible to chronic bronchitis [source: Health].

So, rest and catch up on your sleep. Those who won't be exposed to your germs will probably be thankful, too.