7 Step Plan for Healthy Living

Plan ahead for snacks
Sliced fruit is a healthy snack.
Sliced fruit is a healthy snack.

Snacking isn't a bad habit if you're mindful of how many calories you're eating. (Keep a food and exercise diary to stay on track and stay honest.) In fact, eating frequently instead of waiting until you're ravenous might help you avoid overeating. It also keeps blood sugar levels normal and brain chemistry in balance.

  • Have a corner in the fridge reserved for good-for-you nibbles. Wash some carrots or celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, peppers, shelled peas, strawberries and blueberries and place them in airtight see-through containers or plastic bags.
  • Put some cut-up veggies or sliced fruit on the table to help you through those starving moments just before dinner is ready.
  • Snack only when you're hungry; it's not the cure for a glum mood.

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