7 Step Plan for Healthy Living

Treat yourself
Yoga can exercise the body and quiet the mind.
Yoga can exercise the body and quiet the mind.
Bob Stockfield/National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/NIH

Pick a day or two in the week and have a treat that is planned, such as a dessert or entrée that you especially enjoy. The extra 100-200 calories you've eaten will then be easily burned off with a 1-2 mile walk. Other ideas include:

  • Challenge yourself with a 5K run or walk.
  • Treat yourself to a massage.
  • Try meditating, yoga or an old-fashioned nap.
  • Take care of yourself as often as you can.

Contributors include Ann Coulston, M.S., R.D.; Jane Folkman, M.S., R.D.; Rachel Johnson, R.D., M.Ph., Ph.D.; Richard Cotton and Carol Krucoff.

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