10 Best Things About Quitting Smoking


Saving Money

Quitting smoking can add up to a lot of money saved from all those un-bought packs of cigarettes. On average, cigarettes cost about $4.50 a pack, although they can cost a lot more or less depending on local tax rates for tobacco products and how many packs a person smokes. Someone who smokes one pack per day will spend about $1,638 in a single year and a whopping $16,380 over the course of 10 years [source: Smith]. Continue to extrapolate for a lifelong smoking habit, and you can see just how much money smoking costs. On top of the money for buying cigarettes, smoking costs money in places that you might not expect. For example, if you smoke inside your house, you may end up getting less money for it if you ever decide to sell. Buyers often offer less for a house if it smells like smoke to account for the cleaning costs to remove the smell. The same is true if you smoke in the car. You might have to pay extra to have a car detailed before you sell it to get the smoky odor out of the upholstery.