10 Common Perimenopause Symptoms


Low Libido

Transitioning to menopause isn't the same for every woman. With the possibility of pregnancy removed and monthly periods a thing of the past, some women feel sexual freedom. Others, knowing that their time of fertility is over, feel they are less desirable. And for women who don't consider sex a priority, it may be a relief.

It's generally accepted that women's libido is more complicated than men's, whether that assumption is fair or not. Getting in the mood isn't necessarily solved by a dose of hormones, although testosterone has worked wonders for some perimenopausal women who miss their randier self.

But stress, lack of sleep and your own feelings about the onset of menopause can also affect how excited you are to get in the sack, as can a partner's actions and attitude.

Lowered libido may, however, be the result of the symptom on the following page.