Menopause is the period at which women stop producing eggs, menstruation slows and hormone levels fall. Learn about menopause symptoms and treatments.


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Menopause Journal: Is it a hot flash or global warming?

Everyone's experience with menopause is different, but knowing what to expect can help you cope with the changes. Read along as one woman shares her menopausal experiences in a menopause journal.


What is the definition of menopause? Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatments of menopause in middle aged women.

What causes hot flashes?

The strange feeling arrives suddenly. Intense heat feels like a blast furnace has just been ignited below the surface of your skin. As quickly as it arrived, it vanishes. What causes hot flashes?

Menopause 101

Why are there so many questions surrounding menopause? Because women are now living long enough to ask them! Now, many women have a full third to half of their lives ahead of them after menopause.

Menopause Journal: Menopausal Mishaps

Do you have questions about menopause? Get a fresh perspective on this subject with these journal entries about menopause.

Menopause Journal: Am I pregnant or is it menopause?

Late period. Born-again sex life. The Menopause Journal takes a look at sexual health, menopause and pregnancy issues.

Menopause Journal: My Struggle with the Menopause Prescription

Is there a prescription for menopause? The Menopause Journal discusses healthy living and managing menopause -- even beneficial uses of chocolate.

Menopause Lifestyle Tips

Lots of changes are happening inside your body during menopause -- it stands to reason that you should make some lifestyle changes, too. Learn lifestyle tips for dealing with the symptoms of menopause.

Menopause Q & A

Menopause is a natural process, but its symptoms and side effects can be numerous. Learn the answers to common questions about menopause so you'll know what to expect.

Preparing for Menopause

You can't stop menopause, but you can prepare for its arrival. These strategies can help make your transition to menopause and your postmenopausal years healthy.

Questions to Ask Your Menopause Doctor

Understanding menopause can help you deal with the symptoms. Review these questions to ask about menopause so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your health care professional.

Testosterone: A Major Breakthrough for Menopausal Women

Testosterone is the most celebrated, feared and misunderstood of all hormones. Learn about major scientific breakthroughs in researching the uses and functions of testosterone.

Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Doctors often prescribe hormone replacement therapy to menopausal women, but there are risks to go along with the benefits. Learn about alternatives to hormone replacement therapy to explore your options.

Women: You Have Alternatives to Hysterectomy

Breakthroughs in modern medicine can provide a hysterectomy alternative if you don't want to undergo a hysterectomy. Learn about alternatives to hysterectomy to explore your options.

Are You In Menopause?

About fifteen percent of menopausal women experience no symptoms. Learn how to tell if you're in menopause, even if you're one of those lucky few.

Are you perimenopausal?

Understanding perimenopause symptoms can help you determine whether or not you might be experiencing perimenopause. Learn how to tell if you're perimenopausal with this guide to the symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Whole Story

Hormone replacement therapy can help ease the symptoms that go along with postmenopause, but it's important to consider the risks in addition to the benefits. Learn about hormone replacement therapy alternatives.

Hysterectomy and Fibroid Resources

Hysterectomy and fibroid resources can offer support and information about these women's health issues. Learn about hysterectomy and fibroid resources to find out more.

The Hormone Replacement Therapy Controversy

Hormone replacement therapy is a common treatment prescribed to postmenopausal women, but it may have several health risks in addition to the benefits. Learn about the hormone replacement therapy controversy.

Welcome to Menopause

Menopause technically lasts for up to one year, but the physical and emotional changes caused by menopause will continue for the rest of your life. Learn about menopause and its effect on your body.

Perimenopause vs. Menopause: What's the difference?

Do women in different cultures experience similar menopause symptoms? Learn more about menopause and how it effects women in different parts of the world.

10 Common Perimenopause Symptoms

Despite the beginning of perimenopausal symptoms, actual menopause may still be five, eight or even 10 years away. See these common symptoms to see if you are there yet.

Post Menopause: Now what?

Post menopause is the final phase of the menopausal transition. Learn what to expect in post-menopause, including body changes and health risks.

What menopause treatment is best for me?

Are you looking for information on different treatment options for menopause? Take a look at the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy and natural treatments.