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5 Things Women Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies

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Let's Face It

How often do you see women talking while covering their mouths with their hands or trying to keep smiles closed-lipped and restrained? Maybe this was a social peculiarity of reserved femininity centuries ago, but today it continues among women who are embarrassed by crooked, pointy, too small or too large, or less-than-perfect white teeth. Others suffer from bad breath, or halitosis, and keep a distance or put up a hand to block the air flow.

All around the mouth are even more potential sources of embarrassment: acne, red skin or rosacea, freckles, wrinkles, discoloration and skin tone. Some women go through most of young adulthood and to their graves never venturing outside without makeup. Many have a standard set of products in the "I would never go out without my [fill in the blank here]." So many women just aren't comfortable in their own skin, literally.

One reminder about all of these areas of embarrassment -- from the follicles that formed in the womb to the toenails with their bi-weekly pedicure -- almost all women can look back at pictures from a year to decades earlier and acknowledge inside and even out loud that they looked good "then." Before they were married, before they "got fat," had babies or started a stressful job. How beautiful all of them are now as they wait to look at last year's picture next year. Self-image is usually not very reliable; rarely do we look as bad as we thought, and often, we are working it way better than we remember, unibrow or not.

Links to bikinis, lingerie and short-shorts follow (not really, but we recommend them).

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