Enjoy Soy Foods in Moderation
A variety of soy products, from raw beans to curd to milk.

Soy is a versatile plant, so you'll have plenty of choices if you want to incorporate it in your diet: soy milk, tofu, edamamae and more.

©iStockphoto.com/Diane Labombarbe

The jury is still out regarding soy foods and their value in reversing wrinkles. Arguing in its favor: Soybeans contain high-quality protein and plant compounds called isoflavones, some of which are recognized antioxidants. In some studies, soy isoflavones were also shown to help grow collagen. Arguing against: All of these tests were done using animals, not people.

Likewise, in a small study involving humans, a compound made in the body by digesting fermented soy foods seemed to reduce fine lines around the eyes. The results were not conclusive, however. Plus, a lot of people lack the intestinal bacteria needed for this digestion. Topical creams that contain the soy isoflavone genistein might be more useful than consuming soy, but, again, the case is not yet closed [source: Jaliman].

Speaking of topical treatments, now that we've filled your plate with food choices we'll look at how to fight wrinkles from the outside.