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Daily Skin Care Tips

Daily skin care tips often include product recommendations and regimen suggestions. Learn more about daily skin care tips at HowStuffWorks.

Skin Care: Fast Facts

Get fast facts on skin care and the many different factors that can affect skin's health and appearance, and learn what to include in your daily skincare routine.

Top 10 Best Skin Cities

Check out the 10 best cities for your skin to discover how climate affects your complexion and why these 10 cities are the best for your skin. See more »

Top 10 Breakfasts for Beautiful Skin

Breakfast can be great for your skin. They're delicious and rich in wrinkle-fighting nutrients. Whip up these breakfasts for healthy skin. See more »

How can I make my pores look smaller?

Shrinking face pores isn't exactly possible, but you can make them less visible. Our magical tricks will make it seem like you can shrink your face pores See more »

How to Prevent Wrinkles on Your Face

Look younger and prevent wrinkles on your face with our anti-aging tips and tricks. Our experts' advice will help you prevent wrinkles on your face. See more »

Quick Tips: What's the best climate for skin?

Your climate can make or break healthy skin. So is hot and humid better than cold and dry? See which climate is the best for healthy skin. See more »

The Best and Worst Weather For Your Face

Dry air can dry out your skin and humid weather may make it oily. Find out which weather is best for your face and your skin in general. See more »

Quick Tips: Will eating salmon make my skin look healthier?

Certain foods can be good for your skin, and salmon is one of them. See how salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can benefit your skin. See more »

5 Food Mistakes That Hurt Your Skin

Is there a diet for healthy skin? Maybe not, but these food mistakes affect your skin – for better or for worse. Create your own healthy skin diet! See more »

Quick Tips: Do skin-firming lotions really work?

Anti-aging creams line pharmacy shelves, but can these skin-firming lotions get rid of wrinkles and cellulite? We put skin-firming lotions to the test See more »

Top 5 Sun Hats to Protect Your Face

These five sun hats will protect your skin from sunburn and damage. See which hat fits your personal style and provides important sun protection. See more »