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Underarm Problems

Underarm problems are often skin related. Learn more about underarm problems at Discovery Health.

10 Conditions That Make People Sweat Too Much

You expect to sweat when you're doing boot camp or when it's hotter than blazes, but what if you're dripping and neither of those things are happening? See more »

10 Sources of Body Odor That Aren't Just Sweat

While body odor is most often caused by sweating, there are a whole mess of other things that can make you smell. You can reek of rotten fish or warm baked bread. Either way, those odors are a sign of something amiss. See more »

What causes underarm odor?

Raise your hands if you're sure you know what causes the human axillary regions to be odoriferous. Not waving your hand in the air? Then read the article. See more »

5 Things in Your Sweat That Make You Stink

When the moisture on your skin evaporates, you may be as cool as cucumber and as odoriferous as an old sneaker. What's behind B.O.? See more »

Do certain fabrics make body odor worse?

Yuck! If your workout clothes smell stinky, it might not just be because you're sweating. It can also have to do with what kind of material you are wearing. Surprisingly, natural does not always mean "breathable." See more »

5 Fast Facts About Underarm Rashes

An armpit is a dark, moist place that's a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. When those microbes and your deodorant team up to work against you, the result is a rash. See more »

Stop Underarm Sweating Image Gallery

Do you know how to stop underarm sweating? See this image gallery for tips and information on stopping underarm sweating. See more »

Quick Tips: 5 Ways to Treat an Underarm Cyst

Underarm cysts can be a nuisance, but they're rarely dangerous. We've got five ways to take care of them. See more »

What causes underarm darkening?

Deodorant can help to prevent your underarms from committing olfactory offenses. But what can you do about pigmentation problems under there? See more »

Do you need a prescription antiperspirant?

In our modern times, people expect results fast. You might want your doctor to prescribe a heavy-duty antiperspirant to stop your excessive sweating, but could kicking your coffee and nacho addictions solve the problem? See more »