Blood Pressure

Blood pressure conditions can affect other bodily systems and functions, and in some cases can lead to an enlarged heart, a leading cause of heart disease. Learn about preventing, diagnosing and treating blood pressure conditions.


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Could prescription medicines be raising my blood pressure?

Prescription medications can be more effective at alleviating the symptoms associated with high blood pressure than over the counter medications. Learn more about prescription meds in this article.

What can I do to prevent a high blood pressure emergency?

Preventing a high blood pressure emergency from happening can help lessen the chances of future complications. Learn more about preventing an emergency that is related to high blood pressure.

How is my blood pressure normally regulated?

Blood pressure like many things needs to be monitored to keep it at safe levels. Learn more about regulating blood pressure with the help of this article.

Should I see a doctor about high blood pressure?

Seeing a doctor about high blood pressure can help diagnose and treat this common illness. Learn more about consulting a physician for advice on the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Should I see a doctor for my high blood pressure?

If you are showing signs of an illness whether severe or mild it is a good idea to pay the doctor a visit. Find out when nit is time to see a healthcare professional for your ailments.

Will I have side effects from high blood pressure medicine?

Side effects from high blood pressure medicine can vary by person. Learn more about the side effects from high blood pressure medications and what you can do to limit their effects on your body.

The Effects of Untreated High Blood Pressure

The effects of untreated high blood pressure can be dangerous to your health. Learn more about the symptoms of high blood pressure and how they can be detrimental to your well being.

What are the different types of high blood pressure?

The types of high blood pressure can vary by ethnicity, age and gender. Learn more about the types of high blood pressure and how they affect different people.


Urinalysis can detect and help a physician diagnose high blood pressure in an individual. Learn more about urinalysis and how it is used in the process of identifying high blood pressure in a patient.


Vasodilators is medicine that can help a patient that is suffering from a blood related illness. Learn more about vasodilators do and what they specifically treat in the blood.

What are my treatment options and how do I choose?

Choosing the right treatment option is vital to curing an illness that has infected a certain part of the body. Learn more about choosing a treatment option that fits your symptoms in this article.

What can I do about high blood pressure symptoms?

If you are showing the signs of an illness it can be overwhelming on what to do about them. Check out what we have gathered for you here to help you understand and treat your symptoms.

What causes high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a common but complex illness that can have lasting effects on the body. Discover what causes high blood pressure and what you can do to prevent acquiring this disease.

What causes secondary high blood pressure?

Secondary high blood pressure, or secondary hypertension, carries health risks that should not be overlooked. Learn more about the causes, risk factors and treatments that are associated with this illness.

What do I need to know about medicines?

Medicines are comprised of a complex formula of ingredients that can be difficult to understand. Find out what you need to know about medications and how they effect you both positively and negatively.

What do the blood pressure numbers mean?

A test can diagnose an individual with high blood pressure but what exactly does the numerical information mean? Find out the answer to this question and more with the help of this article.

What do the numbers mean?

Information from a medical exam can be difficult to comprehend if not trained in how to translate the results. Find out what the numbers mean in a medical test with the of this article.

What if my doctor says I have high blood pressure?

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure by your doctor there are many things that you can do to receive support. Learn more about high blood pressure and what you can do to heal this illness.

What if my medicine is not working?

Drugs to treat an illness do not necessarily always perform in the ways that they are intended to. Find out what you can do if your medications are not working in treating your symptoms.

What is happening to me when my blood pressure is high?

It can be frustrating if you are feeling sick and can't narrow down what could be causing the symptoms to appear. Learn what you can do to identify the signs of an illness with the help from this article.

What is high blood pressure?

Diseases of any kind can be a hard thin to comprehend and high blood pressure is not any different. Learn more about high blood pressure and the causes, risk factors and treatment that are available.

Blood Pressure Medication: What is the specific type of medicine I am taking?

Medications for treating a certain type of illness can be varied like the colors of the rainbow. Find out what you should know about the medicines that you are taking with the help of this article.

What kinds of healthcare professionals do I need to treat high blood pressure?

Healthcare professionals specialize in many different areas to best serve the needs of a patient. Discover what kind of specialist is right for treating an illness with the information in this article.

What other risk factors could affect my treatment?

When treating an illness there are always risks that can be associated with specific ailments. Learn how medications, therapies and lifestyle can all be risk factors that could affect a treatment.

What records do I need to keep to control blood pressure?

When it concerns your health a thorough file should be kept to use in the future for diagnoses purposes. There are many records to keep and the information in this article can help show you what records to retain.