10 Foods for a Healthy Heart



When it comes to our health, our bodies practically go "nutty" over almonds and other nuts, such as walnuts and macadamia nuts. When you crack into a nut, you're also cracking into a food with lots of heart-healthy benefits, due to heart-protecting monounsaturated fat, arginine-rich proteins and photo-chemicals. Furthermore, nuts contain those same omega-3 fatty acids our salmon friends have that help our hearts, as well as fiber.

So just how heart-friendly are nuts? EatingWell advises us to eat nuts two to four times each week to lower our chance of heart disease. However, since nuts are still high in fat and calories, it's best to watch your portions and stick to 10 almonds at a time. That makes for a handy snack you can throw in your bag and have ready to ease a late afternoon hunger attack -- another good health choice, since it will keep you away from the junk food in the vending machine.