10 Foods for a Healthy Heart



Serve up some whole grain pasta with a tomato sauce and you'll be tapping into two sources of heart fighters. That's because tomatoes, like whole grains, have been linked to helping our hearts.

Tomatoes come with lots of vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber. In addition, they contain lycopene, which has been shown to work with tomatoes' vitamins and minerals to help fight disease in general. Some research indicates that the super combination of nutrients in this food also may keep cardiovascular disease at arm's length.

In the summertime, we may be quick to pluck a tomato and eat it like an apple, which happens to be our next food choice. However, it appears that cooking tomatoes actually pumps up most of its health benefits. Although a cooked tomato has less vitamin C, it has more readily available lycopene and its antioxidant levels remain in place.