10 Foods for a Healthy Heart



Apples can help prevent clogged arteries.
Apples can help prevent clogged arteries.
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When talking up fruits and vegetables, the Mayo Clinic points to their vitamins, minerals and fiber -- all in traditionally low-calorie packages. Such is also the case for apples, and if any population knows this more than others, it's the folks in Washington state. After all, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency, six out of 10 of the apples in the United States come from there.

And the good news is that apples have been linked to a very special combination of antioxidant flavonoid compounds. Therefore, in addition to its vitamin C and pectin (a type of soluble fiber), it appears that an apple's flavonoids band together to control inflammation and decrease the buildup of plaque in our arteries.

This all goes to show that even though Snow White had reason to fear apples, they're a sound choice for our grocery carts.