10 Signs You May Be Sleep Deprived

Increased Appetite

Controlling caloric intake is hard enough for most people, but when their sleep-deprived brains start making demands, it can be nearly impossible to control the cravings.

Lack of sleep poses many problems to a person with an otherwise healthy diet. For one thing, the longer you're awake, the more time you have to consume calories. But lack of sleep also makes you hungry. People who've gone without sleep have higher levels of hormones that signal the body that it's time to eat and fewer hormones that signal being full, or satisfied [source: University of Chicago Medical Center].

Your brain metabolizes sugars at a slower rate when you're sleep deprived. As a result, sleep-deprived people report craving sweets and salty foods, in addition to starches. Studies have also shown a clear connection between sleep deprivation and obesity. Sleep-deprived people have double the risk of obesity when compared with those who have no trouble sleeping [source: University of Warwick].

Who would've thought that the key to losing weight might be getting more sleep?

Next, we'll consider some parallels between consuming hallucinogens and being sleep deprived.