10 Signs You May Be Sleep Deprived

Relationship Troubles

If you and your sweetie have taken to separate bedrooms, it may have less to do with a desire for separation than with the desire of one party to get a normal night's sleep.

When sleep disorders affect one member of a household, they affect all members. Keeping late hours -- mixed with random daytime sleeping -- throws off family activity schedules, bonding time and the sleep patterns of other family members.

But a sleep-deprived person may be kicked to the couch for other reasons: moodiness, agitation and poor memory -- none of which is a trait we admire in our partners. A flagging libido may be a source of tension as well.

Chronic snoring or sleep apnea can also contribute to domestic strife. When one partner gets up feeling unrested due to a fitful night of sleep apnea, the other may feel just as fatigued from trying to sleep through the drama.

As we'll discuss next, your body has ways of telling you when you're sleep deprived.