Guide to Being 29 Weeks Pregnant

No, there's not a boxing match in your belly -- it's just your baby kicking and stretching! See more pregnancy pictures.

Your eighth month may have just started, but hopefully you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! The third trimester is both a thrilling and anxious time. While you still have time to plan with 11 or so weeks to go, you're probably starting to really wonder about what your baby looks like, your labor experience and what lies beyond pregnancy. And, as you exit the second trimester, you're starting to get, well, bigger and much more uncomfortable.

In your 29th week of pregnancy, you'll unmistakably feel your baby's movements and totally connect with the little person you're helping to form. Here's what's going on this week in your pregnancy, including changes in your body and your baby's newly found acrobatics.