10 Reasons Why Long-distance Relationships Just Don't Work

Separation Issues
It's harder for some people to be left behind.
It's harder for some people to be left behind.

Nobody likes to feel abandoned, and that feeling can rear its head when one member of a romantic couple moves out of town. The weeks and months leading up to it are likely to be colored by the impending physical separation. The anxiety and even anger that can result can drive a couple emotionally apart before they've even stopped sharing a location.

Some people respond to separation better than others. For those who have experienced some real or perceived episode of abandonment as a child, it can prove nearly overwhelming when a romantic partner moves away without first severing emotional ties. The situation can be exacerbated if one person in the relationship didn't have any say in the decision and feels powerless to affect how the relationship is evolving.

Of course, physical separation will almost always result in an initial sense of increased anxiety and unhappiness. Often, the hurt feelings fade away and the relationship recovers, even at a distance. On the other hand, these feelings can also contribute to a sharp deterioration of the relationship, which is now measured in miles instead of shared dreams.

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