How to Introduce your Boyfriend to your Parents

The Meeting Before the Meeting

OK, so everyone has agreed to meet your beau. Remember, this is a big deal. So take the time to talk to him about his feelings and expectations. It's important to try to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Share a little bit of family information with him. He might find it helpful to know that your mom is the "Jeopardy" champion of your household or that your dad is the one with the green thumb. In turn, have a conversation with your parents ahead of time. A little background about your new boyfriend will go a long way in helping to break the ice. Let them know where he's from, what he does for a living, what his interests are and even his goals and dreams. This is also the time to discuss with both of them the topics that are the forbidden fruit of the evening. This will prevent dinner being shut down before the entrée is served.

It's also an opportunity for you to get in touch with your own feelings. There probably will be a million questions swirling around in your head: "What if my parents don't like him?", "Should he call them by their first names?", "What if my mother makes another smart comment about the age of my dad's new wife?" Don't stress yourself out about these "what-ifs," but do acknowledge your feelings and apprehensions. At the end of the day, remember that you aren't tasked with finding the cure for the common cold. You're just introducing him to your parents.

Most importantly, use this time to figure out the answer to the most important question: What do you both wear? Do you wear your tried and true little black dress or should you rock your new red slacks? How about him? Jacket and tie? Slacks and an oxford shirt? Or a sports jersey and Levis? Both of your attires should match the occasion so as not to raise the eyebrows or ire of your parents. That's why you two need to have a dress code conversation before the doorbell rings. Now on to the get-together.