Left at the Altar: 10 Reasons He Got Cold Feet


Afraid of Lifestyle Change

He might not be ready to give this up.
He might not be ready to give this up.

Ah, the bachelor life. Friday night at the bar with his best buddies. Sitting around eating chips, drinking beer and watching football on a Sunday afternoon. There's no reason to expect that these little rituals will change after marriage, right? Wrong. When you're married, you're responsible to another person. That doesn't mean that you can't ever do anything that you want to do, it just means that you should run it by your spouse first ... and be prepared if she would rather you do something else with her instead. Some men can't handle the idea that their lifestyle is going to change this drastically.

Some men are also afraid of giving up their space, especially if they haven't already lived with their bride-to-be. She's going to want to bring in her own things here and there. There might not be room for a certain piece of his favorite furniture. Girly bathroom products will take up real estate next to the sink. Marriage is about compromise. Sometimes you get your way, and sometimes you concede in order to make the other person happy. An inability to do this is another reason why some men get cold feet.