5 Rules of Office Dating Etiquette

Be Discreet
A big no-no: the romantic rendezvous at the copier.
A big no-no: the romantic rendezvous at the copier.
Andy Reynolds/Taxi/Getty Images

You're in love! And you want to shout it from your cubicle! But if the guy you love is in a nearby cubicle, you need to keep your mouth shut and your hands off each other. Even in the most polite offices, gossip spreads fast, particularly juicy items about interoffice couples. Don't share all the details of your new man with the gals in the office bathroom -- after all, while he's your coworker, he's their coworker too, and you don't want to affect how your partner is seen in the workplace. And even if you're tempted to smooch your new lady every time you pass her desk or hold her hand during a staff meeting, you must resist the urge. Not only is such behavior tacky, you could be risking your job if people think you're romancing, not working, from 9 to 5.

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