5 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Smile

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Every guy needs a surefire way to get a girl to smile.
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Most guys would agree that they'd do almost anything to see the girl they care about break into a big, bright smile. But, some have a harder time coaxing a grin out of a girl than others. The easy way to get a glimpse of those pearly whites is to tease her or crack a funny joke, but for those of you who are comically challenged, never fear! There are many other ways you can get a girl to smile.

A genuine compliment might make her blush, and an obnoxiously large teddy bear is bound to get her attention, but to really make a girl smile at you, you have to prove that you're loyal and kindhearted. Pay attention to her, and treat her with respect. Show her that you're truly interested by spending time with her, and you'll not only receive a smile or two, but you'll win her heart as well.


Sometimes, getting a girl to return your smile can seem like a difficult task, so to help you out, here are five surefire ways to achieve smiling success.

5: Surprise Her

Girls love surprises. By taking the time to surprise her, you're showing that she's special to you and that you want to make her happy. What girl wouldn't be flattered by that kind of attention?

A common misconception among guys is that you have to spend a lot of money to surprise and please a girl. This is a total myth; surprising someone isn't about the most expensive gift you can buy. It's the little things in life are most important. Skip the pricey bouquet of flowers or piece of jewelry, and plan an unexpected date for any ordinary evening instead. Take her to see the new romantic comedy that she's dying to see, even if you'd rather watch the newest action flick. Test your culinary skills by cooking dinner for her -- and eat dessert first!


It's easy to get in a rut and go through the day-to-day motions in a relationship. If you find yourself yearning for a little adventure, you're not alone! The right amount of spontaneity is healthy in any partnership; it rejuvenates your romance by keeping things interesting. While you don't want to shock the girl you like with a tattoo of her first name across your back, a little spontaneity is never a bad thing. A surprise can be as simple as switching up your usual routine. Explore a new part of town together on a whim, or take a stroll through the local farmers market. If you're passing a park, pretend like you're kids again, and play on the swing set or seesaw. Surprising a girl with your sense of adventure is sure to make her smile.

4: Show Your Humorous Side

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Joking around or doing something silly (but sweet) guarantees a smile.
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If you regularly have your friends doubled over in laughter, consider yourself lucky to have this talent. Many people find it difficult to make others laugh. Take small steps to get in touch with your inner funny man; everyone has one. Finding the humor in everyday situations will attract people to your positive way of thinking, and it can improve your outlook on life, too.

It's easy to get wrapped up in worrying about what other people think of you, but take a second to relax and reflect on the humor in daily social interactions. Everyone has tripped in front of a group of people or looked in the mirror after lunch to find food in his teeth. The best way to handle these sticky situations is to turn them into something funny. If you're able poke fun at yourself, you'll be surprised by how good it feels to dissolve your most embarrassing moment into a big laugh. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but your confidence and sense of humor are bound to make the girl you like break into a big smile.


Try not to take yourself too seriously; loosen up and be silly when it's appropriate. Come up with a funny pet name for the girl you like, or giggle about an inside joke together. Rent your favorite comedy to watch on your next date, or take photo booth pictures at the mall and make crazy faces. A couple that laughs together is sure to stay together for a long time.

3: Prove Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Even though the actual definition of chivalry dates back to medieval times, you don't have to be a knight to demonstrate some courtesy toward the girl you like. Ask almost any girl, and she'll tell you that a guy who opens doors for her and offers to carry her books will win her heart every time. Most girls also appreciate a guy who offers to pay for the first date; it's polite, and it shows that you have a genuine interest in going out with her as well. Always walk to the front door to meet your date, and when the night is over, walk her back to the front door to say goodnight. You may not get a kiss every time, but we can promise you that your chivalrous actions will be met with a big smile.

Chivalry goes beyond simple courteous gestures. Be loyal to the girl you like, and never cheat on her with another girl. If you're a trustworthy person, your relationship will be healthy and positive, and both of you will enjoy being a part of each other's lives. Chivalry is also about following through on promises. If you tell a girl you're going to call her, remember to do so. If something comes up and prevents you from getting in touch with her, send her a text message or an e-mail explaining that you'll call her a little later than expected. Above all, treat her respectfully, whether you're alone, with friends or with her family. Making a good impression on her family is a surefire way to make her smile.


2: Sweep Her off Her Feet

If you truly want to make a girl smile, get in touch with your romantic side. Forgo the candlelit dinner at home with the red tablecloth and the rose petals. To win a girl over, break the traditional mold and try something different and unexpected. Most girls would rather do without the fancy dinners and the extravagant gifts; they really want to know that you're thinking about them when they're not around. Writing on her Facebook wall and texting that you care about her is nice, but to make a lasting impression, tell her how you feel about her. Pay attention to what's going on in her life. Compliment her new hairstyle, and congratulate her on school or sports success.

A girl wants to know you look forward to spending time with her, no matter what's on the day's agenda. Do you remember the scene from "The Notebook" where Allie and Noah slow dance in the middle of a deserted road late at night, even though no music is playing? Probably not, but we can promise you the girl you're interested in does. Grab her hand for a quick romantic spin around the room -- bonus points if her friends are watching. Sing along to the radio when you two are together in your car … even if you don't have a great singing voice and can't finish the song because both of you are laughing too hard. Always remember special occasions, and celebrate accordingly. If it's her birthday, get a group of friends together and throw her a surprise party. After it's over, give her a meaningful birthday gift that you picked out all by yourself. If you take the time to make a girl feel special, you'll be rewarded with a smile.


1: Be Yourself

Being a teenager is a great time to find out who you are and what you value in life. Would you rather be in the chess club than on the football field? Do you like a band that most people at your school have never heard of? Being different and distinguishing yourself among a crowd of people is important -- express yourself and your individuality, and don't make any apologies for who you are. To gain confidence, you've got to feel comfortable in your own skin. You can't please everybody all of the time, so don't waste another minute trying to conform to what's popular. Stand tall and be proud of the person you are, and your positive attitude is bound to turn a few heads.

While you want to stay true to the person you are, work everyday at becoming your best self. Try to be friendly and outgoing to everyone, and stay upbeat, even when you have a bad day. When the timing is right, voice your personal opinions and beliefs. Your friends might disagree with you, but speaking assertively and enthusiastically about your beliefs is attractive, and they'll at least respect you for your candor. Above all, have some fun and live in the moment. Happiness and smiles are infectious, so it's likely that girl you like will smile right back at you if you flash her a grin.


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