5 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Smile


Sweep Her off Her Feet

If you truly want to make a girl smile, get in touch with your romantic side. Forgo the candlelit dinner at home with the red tablecloth and the rose petals. To win a girl over, break the traditional mold and try something different and unexpected. Most girls would rather do without the fancy dinners and the extravagant gifts; they really want to know that you're thinking about them when they're not around. Writing on her Facebook wall and texting that you care about her is nice, but to make a lasting impression, tell her how you feel about her. Pay attention to what's going on in her life. Compliment her new hairstyle, and congratulate her on school or sports success.

A girl wants to know you look forward to spending time with her, no matter what's on the day's agenda. Do you remember the scene from "The Notebook" where Allie and Noah slow dance in the middle of a deserted road late at night, even though no music is playing? Probably not, but we can promise you the girl you're interested in does. Grab her hand for a quick romantic spin around the room -- bonus points if her friends are watching. Sing along to the radio when you two are together in your car … even if you don't have a great singing voice and can't finish the song because both of you are laughing too hard. Always remember special occasions, and celebrate accordingly. If it's her birthday, get a group of friends together and throw her a surprise party. After it's over, give her a meaningful birthday gift that you picked out all by yourself. If you take the time to make a girl feel special, you'll be rewarded with a smile.