5 Skin Care Tips for Men With Dry Skin


Don't Smoke

If you leave a trail of skin flakes wherever you go, you may want to limit your exposure to cigarette smoke. If you're a smoker and you need another reason to quit, here it is: Smoking is not only going to prematurely age your skin, it's also likely worsening or even outright causing its dryness.

When you're a smoker, your face spends a lot of time in contact with smoke. Just like the inside of a chimney darkens in due time, your face is going to begin showing signs of the near-constant presence of tobacco smoke, as will your hands. Smoking damages and dries out the skin. In addition to the dryness caused by the smoke, particles and pollutants in the smoke will settle on your skin and form a residue. In time, this residue will result in blocked pores, discoloration and generally unhealthy-looking skin. We don't need to cover all the reasons smoking's bad for you, but if your dry skin's driving you crazy -- or if you just want to look your best -- that's all the reason you need to kick the habit for good.