Real Men Get Manicures, too!

man at nail salon
The nail salon used to be almost exclusively for women only, but today more and more men are getting professional nail care.
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Nail salons have long been thought of as a lady's domain. But the times when it was a shock to see a man getting his nails done are long gone. Now it's common to see men at the salon, either on their own or with their wives or girlfriends. After all, the clean, fashionable look once known as "metrosexual" is now pretty much what's expected of all men.

What's so wrong with a man in a nail salon, anyway? Women can take care of their nails at home, just as easily as going to a salon. But there's just something about a salon manicure. It's like a mini facial for your hands. Nail technicians can provide a relaxing and pampering service while also increasing the health of your nails and cuticles. And it's one of the more affordable salon services out there.


But for men, it's not always just about luxury. Since many men don't learn how to moisturize and trim their cuticles by their teens – but many women do – it makes sense for men to look to the pros to take care of their hands. The International Spa Association says men make up 30 percent of clientele, so many salons are offering a service menu just for them. This often includes products with more masculine scents and a discounted cost for the manicure, since most men opt out of getting their nails polished.

Taking it even further, spas targeted specifically to men are popping up all over the place. They offer haircuts, hot shaves, waxing, manicures and pedicures, all of which are tailored directly to men. They often include a more masculine atmosphere of mahogany, pool tables, sports on TV and imported beer. Names like "The Boardroom" and "Gentleman's Groomers" take away any hint that spending an hour being pampered is unmanly.


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