Rhinophyma Overview

Rhinophyma Treatments

Left untreated, rhinophyma will not clear up on its own. And by the time the condition is diagnosed, the changes your skin has undergone are usually significant. Thanks to some medical advances, however, it is possible to treat the effects of rhinophyma with some degree of success.

One method involves treating the acne rosacea. Acne creams, lotions and prescriptions such as benzoyl peroxide or retinoids may be used to treat acne and facial redness [source: American Academy of Dermatology]. Doctors often prescribe medications, such as antibiotics, to clear up infections from inflamed skin tissue and encourage patients to pay careful attention to hygiene so that they can avoid irritating the skin further. In order to provide relief to irritated tissue, patients may also have to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, cosmetics that dry out the skin or extreme heat or cold. These treatments may help reduce the swelling and redness associated with acne rosacea.

Another problem presented by rhinophyma is the extra growth of skin that often accompanies the condition. Today, the nose can be reshaped under the guidance of a doctor with one of the following medical procedures:

  • Surgery to remove extra tissue and reform the shape of the nose. This is commonly known as reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. It's performed with a scalpel under anesthetic.
  • Lasers -- such as a CO2 laser -- to reduce and reshape the tissue on the nose. These treatments usually involve less bleeding than conventional surgery.
  • Electro surgery to cut and remove extra tissue with the use of electrical currents [source: Baylor College of Medicine].
  • Dermabrasion, or the use of a rotating brush [source: Medline Plus]. This procedure smoothes and reshapes the nose and is usually combined with other procedures. Dermabrasion is often used as a fine-tuning procedure to reduce the appearance of scar tissue [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

Of course, undergoing surgery to treat rhinophyma is a personal choice. Before making that decision, read on to learn more about the effects rhinophyma can have on your life.