Scalp Care

Scalp care can be tricky because the skin in that area is often sensitive. Learn more about scalp care at HowStuffWorks.

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A number of skin conditions can cause scalp sores, including ringworm, psoriasis, impetigo and pemphigus. How do you know if you have scalp sores, and is there any way to treat them?

By Rebecca Regan

If you're dealing with excessive oiliness, dryness or a chronic skin problem on your scalp, you might be due for a scalp treatment. How do these products provide relief?

By Shannon Cicero

Dry skin isn't limited to just the face, legs and arms; it can also be a problem for your scalp. How can you add moisture so that your scalp and hair stay healthy?

By Christina Pander


Dandruff is a common problem for many people, with causes ranging from dry or oily skin to chronic conditions. With so many possible triggers, what can be done to get rid of dandruff?

By Christina Pander

Dandruff, head lice and hair loss are often treated with chemical ingredients, but can tea tree oil offer a natural alternative for treating scalp problems?

By Christina Pander

Your scalp protects your skull and is covered in hair, and it's susceptible to certain skin conditions, such as dandruff and head lice. But is your scalp different from the rest of you skin?

By Susan Sentry

When your hairstylist gives your scalp a luxurious massage while he shampoos your hair, he's doing your scalp a favor. Scalp massages are on this list of healthy tips.

By Gerlinda Grimes


Dandruff is a common condition, causing white flakes on the scalp in more than half of all people. Before you have to break out the medicated shampoo treatments, how can you stop dandruff before it starts?

By Jennifer Sellers