5 Ways to Get Nice Underarm Skin

Consider Alternatives to Shaving
While laser hair removal takes multiple sessions, the results are often long-lasting. © hamburguesaconqueso/iStock/Thinkstock

During the 1920s shaving underarms gained popularity among American women, and hasn't fallen out of fashion since, but there's more to underarm hair removal than just the razor. What's the problem with the tried and true method? Shaving can lead to razor burn, nicks, and irritation -- and the results only last about one to three days. This leads some to seek alternatives, such as waxing and laser hair removal.

Waxing can be painful and may cause some redness and swelling immediately after the treatment, but it does offer long-lasting results -- hair-free armpits for about a month. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, permanently removes hair by destroying the hair follicle. Though it can take as many as eight sessions for full results, about 90 percent of underarms will be hair-free in as few as three to five treatments [source: WebMD].

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