10 Modern Technologies Baby Boomers Are Using


The telephone has had a pretty amazing technological trajectory over the lifetime of a boomer. In earlier decades, phones came equipped with what effectively were leashes to make sure nobody strayed too far mid-conversation. The rise of the cordless phone extended pacing range to about the driveway before early cell phones empowered us to talk anywhere, except too far away from a city or from inside a tunnel. Smartphones, however, will not only allow a user to walk-and-talk to their heart's content, but also provide them a map of their destination and restaurant suggestions once they've arrived.

Smartphones make for easy texting, which many boomers are big fans of. Boomers, after all, can appreciate the immediacy and speed of communication a text allows, bypassing the customary pleasantries involved in a phone conversation and the formalness of most other forms of written communication.

For these same reasons, many boomers find that texting children or grandchildren is more likely to elicit a quick response than would be the case with a letter, e-mail or phone call.

Of course, smartphones also enable boomers to access their e-mail or search online while at the gym, the supermarket or the golf course with ease. Before long, boomers will also be able to use smartphones like debit cards or even as hotel keys.

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