Beauty and Hygiene

Beauty treatments and hygiene can go a long way to warding off cosmetic procedures. Find out how to take care of your hair, teeth and skin.

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How to Treat Pain from Braces

Pain from orthodontic braces can be easily treated at home. Learn how to treat pain from braces in this article.

How to Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain

Impacted wisdom teeth can be quite painful, but there are simple steps you can take to stop the pain. Read the article below to learn how to stop wisdom tooth pain.

10 Steps to a More Kissable Mouth

The night's been great so far and you definitely see it ending with a kiss. Then suddenly your warm fuzzy thoughts are replaced by nagging worries like, "Do I have bad breath?" What are 10 tips to help allay your fears?

Pros and Cons of Fluoride

For several decades, fluoride has been added to water in efforts to prevent tooth decay. However, many are rethinking the safety and success of such measures. Learn about the pros and cons of water fluoridation.

How Body Odor Works

In the history of humankind, body odor has been both a smell used to remember a loved one and a turn-off in social circles. What causes our bodies to smell the way they do?

10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath

If your breath might not be compared to a summer's day, don't fret. From soda to sinus infections, bad breath has many causes -- and many cures.

What causes halitosis?

What's more uncomfortable than having a conversation with a close talker? Having a conversation with a close talker who's sorely in need of a breath mint. Bad breath happens to good people, but why?

Is fluoride considered a poison in most European countries?

Fluoridated water helps strengthen our teeth. But are we getting too much of a good thing? Some European countries have banned fluoride in drinking water.

Baldness: Types and Treatments

Even though bald celebrities like Bruce Willis have achieved sex symbol status, many of the 40 million American men and women going bald aren't content with losing their hair. So what can they do about it?

How to Care for Your Feet

The best way to avoid foot trouble is to use preventive care. If you learn a few simple ways to exercise, stretch, and protect your feet with carefully chosen footwear, your feet will hold up for a lifetime. Learn more foot care tips in this article.

Dental Disease Overview

We all know things can go wrong with teeth. However, the good news is that most dental afflictions are preventable. Learn about the dental disorders that threaten your oral health and how to thwart them.

Oral Hygiene 101

Of all the health problems that can plague us, those involving our teeth are probably the most preventable. Learn about the few simple habits that are all you need to maintain good oral hygiene.

How to Care for Your Ears

Ears not only let us hear, but they also play a role in maintaining our balance, which is vital to our ability to function in daily life. Learn to care for and treat your ears.

How to Care for Your Eyes

Considering how important your eyesight is, caring for your eyes should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth or washing your face. Learn more about how to care for your eyes.

How to Relieve a Toothache

The toothache isn't easy to endure. The good news: With improved dental care, the a toothache is not as common as it once was. Learn what to do when a toothache does make an appearance.

How to Cope With Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. According to the ADA, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. Learn how to care for your gums to ease or avoid gingivitis.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth

Everybody handles excess stress differently. Some people develop an ulcer, some people develop high blood pressure, and some people grind or clench their teeth.

Uses for Baking Soda: Health and Beauty

Baking soda used to be known for cleaning teeth and settling stomachs. Baking soda still works on dozens of health and beauty tasks. Learn about using baking soda in your health and beauty routine.

Q & A With Beauty Expert Paula Begoun

Beauty expert Paula Begoun has performed extensive research on the cosmetics industry, and she's seen just about everything. We asked Paula to share some of her findings on a variety of beauty beliefs.

Beauty Starts with Healthy Skin

Are you looking to appear as youthful as you can? Learn the importance of healthy skin and how it relates to your overall beauty in this article.

Diet Dos for Glowing Skin

Do you long for smooth, supple skin to go along with that slimmer waistline? Take a look at these dieting dos to improve the health of your skin.

Looking Good Naturally

Natural remedies have long been used and still are incorporated into beauty products. Learn more about herbs that can keep your skin beautiful in this article.

Nail Care Dos and Don'ts

Should you consider the switch to all-natural cosmetics? Get helpful information on natural cosmetics and more in this article.

Heading Off Haircare Disasters

It turns out that hair care treatments like dyes and chemical straighteners can contribute to hair loss. Learn how to head off hair care disasters to keep a full head of hair and avoid damage.

What is a cavity in a tooth? Why do they drill it?

We all know eating sugar can cause cavities, but what is a cavity, exactly? This article explains what happens to your tooth when you have a cavity as well as what your dentist has to do to fix it.