LA Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

On the LA Weight Loss plan, you'll reduce fat and sugar intake while eating more fruits and veggies.

Losing weight is an admirable goal. In fact, statistics show that anywhere from 75 to 85 percent of the U.S. population alone needs to drop some pounds in order to shed the unhealthy distinction of being overweight or obese. So, the question probably isn't whether you should lose weight -- it's how to go about it [source: Fuhrman].

Joining a weight-loss program allows you to address your weaknesses, whether they're willpower, lack of nutritional knowledge or planning. But since each system is different, it's important to determine if a particular weight-loss plan aligns with what you need.

LA Weight Loss is a popular program that can boast positive results, but it's also been the subject of criticism and scrutiny. Before you spend a dollar or burn a calorie, we'll give you the skinny on the plan and the odds of you reaching your goal with LA Weight Loss.

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