LA Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Benefits of LA Weight Loss

The LA Weight Loss system is based on the principles of teaching you how to eat a healthy diet -- which reduces fat and sugar intake while increasing consumption of fruits and veggies -- calorie restriction and maintaining that lifestyle on a long-term basis. The initial phase is heavy in protein but not to the extreme seen in programs like Atkins. Phase two gives you more food choices while phase three is highlighted by perhaps one of the system's most distinguishing components: counselors who you talk to three times a week, either by phone or in person. For the guy or gal who needs an accountability partner, this can be a difference maker. You receive encouragement, guidance and insights as you pursue your weight loss goals.

There are no shortages of people who claim to have lost unwanted pounds on LA Weight Loss. But there are also many who have voiced displeasure with the system and have been vocal in their opposition to the business model on which LA Weight Loss is based [sources: People;].

And that business model may have a direct impact on whether you choose to pursue the program.