LA Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Drawbacks and Risks of LA Weight Loss

There is no magic pill involved with LA Weight Loss, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008 before emerging smaller and more streamlined. If you follow your personal counselor's instructions and adhere to the tailor-made diet, you'll likely lose weight. Unfortunately you'll also lose a chunk of cash, ranging from several hundred dollars to more than $1,000. The price -- which has to be paid up-front -- depends on how much weight you want to lose [sources: Clark; Myers].

In addition, those weight loss counselors are also sales staffers who are working, at least in part, on commission. They're not certified dieticians or nutritionists. Past clients have reported being strongly encouraged to buy nutrition bars and drinks that are not vital to the program but do add additional costs. The conflict of interest inherent with a counselor who is also dependent on a sale, is a deal-breaker for some people interested in losing weight [sources: Clark; Myers].

Limited information, much of it generic, is offered through the company Web site, which ensures that you'll need to contact LA Weight Loss directly when you'll be pitched on the product. If you have the money and need a reasonable weight-loss plan with built-in accountability, it may be worth considering. Those who are on a tight budget but are highly self-disciplined may decide they can research healthy eating habits and make the necessary changes on their own.

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