Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pain Relief

By: Bill Schoenbart & Ellen Shefi

Traditional Chinese Muscles and Bones Injury Pill

Chinese Muscles and Bones Injury Pill contains powerful herbs that relieve pain, bruising, and swelling resulting from a traumatic injury.

Chinese name: Chin Koo Tieh Shang Wan (chin koo dyeh shahng wahn)


Also known as: Muscles and Bones Injury Pill


Traumatic injuries, bruises, sprains, and swelling


Moves blood, reduces swelling and internal bleeding, relieves pain


Chin Koo Tieh Shang Wan is useful for traumatic injuries that have bruising and swelling as the primary symptoms. The chief herb in the formula is Panax pseudoginseng (san qi), which is also the active ingredient in Yunnan Pai Yao. Chin Koo also contains myrrh (mo yao) and frankincense (ru xiang), two herbs that are commonly paired to increase circulation and reduce pain.

These same herbs have also been used as incense for thousands of years. The essential oils that give them their heavenly aroma also act to stimulate blood circulation. Since traditional Chinese medicine sees stagnation of qi and blood as the major cause of pain, circulatory stimulants are the treatment of choice in traumatic injuries.

Manufacturer: Tientsin Drug Manufactory

Dosage: 10 pills, three times a day until injury improves

In the next section, learn about a classic Chinese pain relief formula that also strengthens the body.

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