Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pain Relief

By: Bill Schoenbart & Ellen Shefi

Traditional Chinese White Medicine from Yunnan

Traditional Chinese White Medicine from Yunnan is an extremely powerful herbal medicine that can stop both internal and external bleeding, as well as relieve severe pain.

Chinese name: Yunnan Pai Yao (yuhnahn pie yow)


Also known as: White Medicine from Yunnan


External and internal bleeding from a variety of causes


Controls bleeding and bruising, reduces swelling, relieves pain


This patent medicine is one of the miracles of Chinese herbal medicine: Its ability to stop bleeding and reduce swelling and pain are legendary. During the war in Vietnam, dead Vietcong soldiers were often found with a small vial of Yunnan Pai Yao hanging around their necks. They sprinkled it on gunshot wounds to stop the bleeding while they waited to be evacuated for medical treatment.

Its effects are so powerful, it can stop bleeding from stomach ulcers or cancer, hemophilia, and severe injuries. In case of excessive blood loss, a small red pill is included with each package to prevent the person from going into shock. The red pill should not be taken unless severe loss of blood has occurred and the person is losing consciousness. Of course, these are all serious conditions requiring immediate medical care.

In addition to its usefulness in life-threatening conditions, Yunnan Pai Yao is remarkable in its ability to stop swelling and pain due to sports injuries and accidents.

Although the exact formulation of this patent is considered a family secret, it is almost 100 percent Panax pseudoginseng (san qi). This herb is a close relative to Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium). However, san qi is used primarily for injuries, while the others are used to build vitality and immunity.

In more than 50 years of scientific study, Panax pseudoginseng has been shown to have significant benefits. It can decrease clotting time for blood, a significant benefit to people with clotting disorders.

Yunnan Pai Yao can also be used topically to stop bleeding. Wash the injured area thoroughly with water and apply the patent directly to the injury. Apply pressure, then bandage the area. For deeper wounds, squeeze the cut together before pouring on the powder and hold it shut for a few minutes. It is important to see a doctor immediately afterward in case the cut requires stitches. Manufacturer: Yunnan Pai Yao ­Factory

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules, three or four times a day

So far, we've looked at Chinese pain relief medications in pill form. Next, read about pain-relieving plasters -- dressings with herbal formulations that are applied directly to the skin.

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