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Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Digestive System

Traditional Chinese Mild Laxative Pills

Traditional Chinese Mild Laxative Pills treat constipation with a combination of cannabis seeds, peach pits, rhubarb, and more. For best results, follow the dosage instructions below.

Chinese name: Run Chang Wan (ruhn chahng wahn)


Also known as: Moisten Intestines Pills; Peach Kernel Pills


Constipation due to excess heat


Lubricates the intestines, promotes bowel movement, purges heat from the intestines


Peach Kernel Pills act as a mild laxative, working both as an intestinal lubricant and a purgative to the large intestine when constipation due to dryness occurs. Cannabis seeds (huo ma ren), peach pits (tao ren), Cistanche (rou cong rong), and Angelica sinensis (dang gui) all act to lubricate the intestine, while rhubarb root (da huang) is a purgative. Therefore, this formula is best for constipation due to internal heat or dryness associated with small, hard, and difficult-to-expel stools or a burning sensation.

It's important to remember that a proper diet is the key to the prevention of constipation: A person with this type of constipation should drink sufficient water and consume high fiber foods.

Manufacturer: Lanzhou Foci

Dosage: 4 to 8 pills, three times a day. The patent contains rhubarb, which stimulates the action of the bowels, so do not take this patent for more than a few days. The bowels may become dependent on any type of laxative used regularly.

In the next section, we'll tell you about a traditional Chinese stomach remedy that is popular in both China and the United States.

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