Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Digestive System

Traditional Chinese Liver-Soothing Pill

In traditional Chinese medicine, qi must flow freely for the liver to function properly. Chinese Liver-Soothing pills contain Bupleurum root and other herbs that regulate the liver.

Chinese name: Shu Gan Wan (shoo gahn wahn)

Also known as: Soothe Liver Pill


Digestive disorders associated with liver imbalances, which become worse under stress; symptoms include abdominal distention and pain, nausea, belching, poor appetite, gas, and loose stools


Regulates the liver, relieves stagnation, improves digestion, relieves pain


This formula is used in the condition colorfully known as "liver attacking the spleen." In this pattern, the liver is not properly functioning to allow for the smooth flow of qi. This imbalance transfers to the digestive organs, bringing on such symptoms as gas, belching, abdominal pain, indigestion, poor appetite, or loose stools. Typically, symptoms become worse when the person experiences stress.

In addition to herbs that improve digestion and relieve pain and fullness, this formula contains Bupleurum root (chai hu), a major herb for clearing stagnation of liver function. In this way, the formula treats both the symptoms and the underlying imbalance that causes the disorder.

Manufacturer: Lanzhou Foci

Dosage: 8 pills, three times a day. Do not use during pregnancy.

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