10 Home Remedies for Cold Sores


Don't Touch It

Oh, we know exactly how cold sores call to your fingertips, like a virus siren song. From the first tingly soreness to the crusty scabs that ultimately follow, it's easy to mindlessly push, prod, and pick at these little guys. A word to the wise: don't do it.

Don't squeeze, pinch or pick a cold sore. If you have a particularly large and swollen one, we understand why you'd want to pop it to alleviate the painful pressure (and social embarrassment). Just leave it alone. Otherwise, you may very well be making it that much harder for your body to heal the sore.

Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching the cold sore. And take care not to touch your eyes or genitals immediately after touching the sore. Keep touching that sore and you're bound to touch your eyes, too, and this can potentially cause an infection of your cornea. Ocular herpes is a serious type of infection and may result in painful sores that emerge on the eyelids, and if you exhibit these symptoms you should visit your doctor immediately.

It's a good idea to have hand sanitizer with you in case you accidentally scratch your cold sore and there's no wash basin handy. That way, you can put down some of those nasty viruses and try to keep recontamination and spreading to a minimum.