5 Home Remedies for Postnasal Drip


Try Over-the-Counter Medicine

Sometimes, modern medicines are truly a godsend for those struggling with sinus issues like postnasal drip. One glance at the pharmacy aisle of your local store and you'll see there are dozens of various decongestants available, and you might find that one of them is your ticket to feeling much better.

A decongestant is a seemingly magical medicine that can help drain your sinuses by narrowing the blood vessels to lessen swelling and congestion [source: WebMD]. If you opt for pills, you may find relief in drugs containing pseudoephedrine (under brand names like Sudafed) or non-drowsy loratadine-pseudoephedrine (brand name Claritin D) [source: National Health Service]. Pseudoephedrine is sold behind the pharmacy counter in the U.S. so you have to ask for it – many other decongestants lack this ingredient, and without it you may find that the medicine doesn't work as well.

Saline nasal sprays may help you rinse out your sinuses without causing dryness, and sprays containing decongestants may reduce postnasal drip in just minutes instead of hours [source: Healthline].

Keep in mind that most over-the-counter sinus medicines are only meant be used for a week or so. Sinus sprays, for example, may be habit-forming, so use them in moderation.