5 Home Remedies for Postnasal Drip


Improve Your Environment

You can't always control your physical environment. But by being aware of irritants that may worsen postnasal drip, you can at least keep a few variables in mind in your daily life. Tweaking your routine or altering your home or work space just a bit may make a substantial difference in sinus health.

  • Raise the Humidity. Keep the humidity high and stable in your house, particularly in winter when humidity tends to be low and the air is dry. You can use small one-room humidifiers or invest in a larger unit that will improve humidity levels throughout an apartment or small house.
  • Away with allergens. If cat dander tends to make your mucus start multiplying, it's logical that you can avoid postnasal drip by avoiding that allergen. If you're not sure what allergies aggravate your nasal passages, consultant an allergist. Or try to eliminate the things that you think might be causing them (kitty might need to move away for a little) and then reintroducing them one by one into your life or body and see what triggers.
  • Prop Up Your Head. When trying to sleep, prop up your head on pillows to keep the mucus from collecting in your throat. You may need to more pillows than normal.
  • Skip the smog.Smog contains known nasal irritants. Check your smartphone's weather app for news on air quality for the day and try to stay indoors as much as possible on bad days. That goes for days with high pollen counts too.
  • Skip the smoke, too. Secondhand smoke can have just as bad an effect on your throat, sinuses, and nasal passages as the firsthand stuff does.