Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, but it can also be overcome with the help of modern medicine and courage. Learn all about the symptoms of breast cancer, as well as effective methods for treatment and prevention.


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Permanent Hair Dye, Straighteners Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Risk

A study from the National Institutes of Health found women who regularly use permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners are at a higher risk of breast cancer. The risk increases significantly — more than six times — for black women.

Male Breast Cancer Is Rare, But Real

Although it's far more common in women, men get breast cancer too. And they have a much higher fatality rate. Why is this and what can be done?

Will There Ever Be a More Comfortable Way to Get a Mammogram?

Many women dread the squishing of their chest during their annual checkup. Is there another way to get the same results in a more breast-friendly way?

Why You Should Let a Pigeon Perform Your Mammogram

While pigeons probably won't be donning lab coats anytime soon, they are proving their prowess when it comes to detecting cancer.

Do underwire bras give you cancer?

Another day, another forwarded email. Today it appears your underwire bras can give you cancer. Read this article before burning your bras, ladies!

10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Do you know how to reduce your risk of breast cancer? Take a look at these tips especially for women.

Breast Cancer: An Overview with Basic Terms

This breast cancer basic overview is loaded with helpful information on this very common but dangerous disease. Take a look at our breast cancer overview to familiarize yourself with this type of cancer.

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy: An Interview with N.S. Tchekmedyian, M.D.

This breast cancer chemotherapy Q&A contains valuable and insightful information into this type of cancer. Check out what we have gathered for you here on breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Myths vs. Reality

Breast cancer myths are certainly something to be aware about with highly discussed form of cancer. Learn what is fact and what is fiction with the help of this article.

Breast Cancer Resources and Organizations

Breast cancer resources and organizations help to inform about this specific type of cancer. Learn more about these organizations and how they can help you or someone that you know that is afflicted with breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Team

A breast cancer team is a wonderful resource to have when diagnosing and treating this disease. Learn more about developing a breast cancer team with these helpful tips.

Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer

Diagnosing and treating breast cancer early can help prevent the disease from spreading. Learn more about why it is important to get exams for this common type of cancer.

Evaluating Sources of Information About Breast Cancer

There many websites, books, centers, and healthcare professionals to consider when dealing with breast cancer. Evaluating these sources of information can help you learn and cope with the effects of breast cancer.

Getting the Support You Need

Getting support for breast cancer is a step that should not be overlooked as it is important to the healing process. Discover the benefits and options that exist for dealing with breast cancer.

Helping Someone with Breast Cancer

Helping someone with breast cancer can be a rewarding but difficult experience. Learn more about helping someone with deal with the effects of breast cancer with the information in this article..

Are Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Linked?: An Interview with Susan Love, M.D.

Hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer are commonly linked to one another because of the success of this type of treatment. Learn more about how hormone replacement can help in the fight against breast cancer.

New Hope for Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Rare but Fast Growing

Inflammatory breast cancer is a type of breast cancer that has different symptoms. Learn more about inflammatory breast cancer and what you need to watch out for to defend against it.

Lifestyle Changes that Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer

There are certain lifestyle changes that can lower the risks of breast cancer. Check out these alternative solutions for treating breast cancer that we have gathered for you here.

Mammography vs. Ductal Lavage: An Interview with Susan Love, M.D.

Mammography vs. ductal lavage are two techniques used to detect breast cancer in an individual. Learn more about the differences of these two tests and what each one can reveal.

Mastectomy vs. Lumpectomy: An Interview with Susan Love, M.D.

Mastectomy vs. lumpectomy are two techniques used to treat breast cancer. Learn more about how these two types of surgeries differ and how they are used to treat different forms of breast cancer.

Medications Used to Treat Breast Cancer

There are dozens of medications for treating breast cancer that one should be knowledgeable about if diagnosed with this form of cancer. Learn more about medications for treating breast cancer here.

Expert Q&A: Oral Health and Breast Cancer Treatment

This might sound odd but oral health and breast cancer treatment share some similarities. Discover more about how these two are related and how they are different.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Risk factors for breast cancer can be depend on many variables, lifestyles and by the individual. Learn more about the risk factors for breast cancer and what you can do if you are susceptible to this cancer.

Smoking and Breast Cancer

Smoking and breast cancer have been found to have a common link to one another. Check out what we uncovered about the relationship between breast cancer and smoking.

Surviving Breast Cancer -- What Happens Next?

Surviving breast cancer is no small task as it requires strength, courage and will. Learn more about surviving breast cancer and what you can expect if you have this form of cancer.