Cancer Pain

Being diagnosed with cancer is a painful experience -- both physically and emotionally. Learn how to cope by reading about the treatments and therapies available to ease cancer pain.

Cancer and bone pain are usually associated with an area infected by cancerous tissue. Learn more about cancer and bone pain and the two relate to one another.

This cancer pain Q&A is full of helpful information that can benefit anyone who wants to learn more about this disease. Check out what was asked and answered in this cancer pain Q&A.

Latent cancer pain is commonly diagnosed when searching or testing for a specific type of cancer. Learn more about latent cancer pain what it really means when looking for cancerous tissues in the body.

Morphine is very strong pain medication that is commonly used before, during and after a cancer treatment or surgery. Find out what you need to know about this drug and how it plays a part in dealing with cancer.

Nerve block is used to numb a specific area of the body before conducting a surgery. Find out how this local anesthetic is used when treating cancerous tissues.

The side effects of cancer pain medications can range from mild to severe. Learn more about the side effects of the drugs that are used to treat cancer pain in this article.