This section covers cancer types, causes and symptoms as well as the signs of cancer, tests and treatments.

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Proven: Coffee Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer in a BIG Way

I’ve explored the pros and cons of coffee in depth. It’s a sticky issue because a study comes out one week that points to coffee as a wonder drug and in the next week, we’re reminded of its dangers.

Are hiccups a side effect of chemo?

There are a number of known triggers for hiccups. Learn whether hiccups can be a side effect of chemo in this article.

Can pancreatic cancer cause constant hiccups?

Hiccups are the result of a spasm in your diaphragm. Learn whether pancreatic cancer can cause constant hiccups in this article.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Do you know how to reduce your risk of breast cancer? Take a look at these tips especially for women.

How and why do carcinogens cause cancer?

By the end of 2010, an estimated 569,490 Americans will have died from cancer. That's more than 1,500 people every day, or one out of every four deaths in this country. So what is giving cancer such a push?

What are the most promising new weapons in the war on cancer?

In 2004 alone, cancer killed 7.4 million people worldwide. But thanks to advancements in cancer treatments, we're actually moving in the right direction in the war on cancer.

How can we disrupt and destroy cancer cells?

It would be great if fighting cancer was like playing a game of "Pac-Man." Pac-Man runs through mazes and chomps down every single pac-dot, but we lack the ability to track down and kill cancer cells as easily. What weapons do we have?

What are the genetics of a cancer cell?

Normal cells act as the body's team players, while cancerous cells go rogue. How does a cell morph from normal to abnormal, and why does it happen?

Why is it so difficult to find cancer cells?

Finding a single cancer cell in the human body is like looking for one grain of sand in a sandbox. In the days of sophisticated scans and tests, why can't we pinpoint the cells that lead to pain and disease?

What is a circulating tumor cell chip?

Ever actually tried to find a needle in a haystack? Doctors do it all the time -- only they're looking for circulating tumor cells in a cancer patient's bloodstream. Did the search just get easier?

Breast Cancer: An Overview with Basic Terms

This breast cancer basic overview is loaded with helpful information on this very common but dangerous disease. Take a look at our breast cancer overview to familiarize yourself with this type of cancer.

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy: An Interview with N.S. Tchekmedyian, M.D.

This breast cancer chemotherapy Q&A contains valuable and insightful information into this type of cancer. Check out what we have gathered for you here on breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Myths vs. Reality

Breast cancer myths are certainly something to be aware about with highly discussed form of cancer. Learn what is fact and what is fiction with the help of this article.

Breast Cancer Resources and Organizations

Breast cancer resources and organizations help to inform about this specific type of cancer. Learn more about these organizations and how they can help you or someone that you know that is afflicted with breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Team

A breast cancer team is a wonderful resource to have when diagnosing and treating this disease. Learn more about developing a breast cancer team with these helpful tips.

Choices in Long-term Care After Breast Cancer Treatment

Long term care is almost always recommended when recovering from a battle with breast cancer. Learn more about how you can choose the right long term care plan for breast cancer.

How to Choose a Breast Cancer Care Center

Choosing a breast cancer care center is an important and personable decision when dealing with breast cancer. Find out how to choose a breast cancer care center that meets your needs with the information inside this article.

Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer

Diagnosing and treating breast cancer early can help prevent the disease from spreading. Learn more about why it is important to get exams for this common type of cancer.

Evaluating Sources of Information About Breast Cancer

There many websites, books, centers, and healthcare professionals to consider when dealing with breast cancer. Evaluating these sources of information can help you learn and cope with the effects of breast cancer.

Finding an Experienced Health-Care Provider

Finding an experienced healthcare provider is crucial in the treatment process of breast cancer. Find out what you need to look for when seeking out a breast cancer specialist.

Getting the Support You Need

Getting support for breast cancer is a step that should not be overlooked as it is important to the healing process. Discover the benefits and options that exist for dealing with breast cancer.

Helping Someone with Breast Cancer

Helping someone with breast cancer can be a rewarding but difficult experience. Learn more about helping someone with deal with the effects of breast cancer with the information in this article..

Are Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Linked?: An Interview with Susan Love, M.D.

Hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer are commonly linked to one another because of the success of this type of treatment. Learn more about how hormone replacement can help in the fight against breast cancer.

New Hope for Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Rare but Fast Growing

Inflammatory breast cancer is a type of breast cancer that has different symptoms. Learn more about inflammatory breast cancer and what you need to watch out for to defend against it.

Lifestyle Changes that Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer

There are certain lifestyle changes that can lower the risks of breast cancer. Check out these alternative solutions for treating breast cancer that we have gathered for you here.