Pain Management

Whether your pain is the result of a health condition or not, learning to manage your pain can make everyday life more bearable. Learn about pain management through lifestyle choices and modern medicine.

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Experimental Treatments for Back Pain

Experimental treatments for back pain might the best remedy for your pain. Learn about some experimental treatments for back pain in this article.

Failed Back Syndrome

Failed back syndrome is a collection of conditions that emerge after surgeries or treatment. Get more on failed back syndrome in this article.

Laminectomies and Fiber Optic Procedures

Laminectomies and fiber optic procedures can treat back pain. Learn about treating back pain with laminectomies and fiber optic procedures in this article.

Radiofrequency for Back Pain

Radio frequency can treat back pain. Learn about treating back pain with radiofrequency in this article.

Alternative Ways to Take Pain Medication

You can get pain relief without shots or pills. Learn about new ways to take pain medication in this article.

Analgesia Overdose

Learn about how controls are built in to patient-controlled analgesia devices to prevent overdoses in this article.

Magnets as Pain Treatment

Magnets are said to have pain curing powers. Learn more about magnets as an effective treatment for pain in this article.

Opioids for Treating Pain

Learn about using opiods to treat pain and what side effects may occur in this article.

Pain Medications and Their Content

Learn why many pain medications combine narcotics and analgesics in this article.

Complex Regional Pain

Learn about medication for treating Complex Regional Pain in this article.

Diabetes Pain

Learn about treating nerve pain related to diabetes in this article.

Identifying Fibromyalgia

Learn about the various symptoms and disorders related to fibromyalgia in this article.

Nerve Pain Q & A

Get expert answers to questions to your questions about nerve pain in this article.

What causes shingles and what is the best treatment?

Learn what causes shingles and how to treat it in this article.

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Imagine going into surgery and instead of being given anesthesia, you are guided through self-hypnosis. Sound crazy? Learn more about hypnosis and discover if it really can be used as a treatment method.