Sleep and Dreams

Fall asleep, stay asleep and find out why it's important to sleep. You can also learn why some people take walks or eat while they sleep.

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Dream: I am traveling happily

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you are traveling happily by bus, train, ship, airplane or other means of transportation.

Dream: I am well dressed

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you are well dressed and admired for it.

Dream: I excel on a test or in performance

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you excel on a test or in a performance.

Dream: I experience natural beauty or miracles

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you are strolling through overwhelming natural or manmade beauty.

Dream: I fail a test or perform poorly

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you fail a test or perform poorly.

Dream: I have missed a boat or a plane

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you miss a boat or a plane.

Dream: My house or property is improved

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which your house is improved or repaired.

Dream: I am having a pleasurable experience with a vehicle

Find out the usual meaning of dreams in which you are having a pleasurable experience in a car.

Interpreting Your Dreams

Ever wondered about the meaning of some of the most common dreams? Use our dream interpretation tool to decipher the meaning of twelve universal dreams and their opposites.

Who Would Have Guessed I Had Sleep Apnea?

If you have sleep apnea, your doctor might recommend surgery to help you good a good night's rest. Learn more facts about sleep, solutions for a goodnight's sleep, and side effects of poor sleeping habits.

The Cost of Fatigue Is Great and a Short Nap May Just Help Pay the Debt

Sleep expert Mark Rosekind, Ph.D. says naps are an undervalued resource in combating sleepiness.

On Dreams and Dreaming

Dream researcher Patricia Garfield talks about dreams and dreaming.

Acting Out Dreams

Learn why you don't physically act out your dreams in this article.

Creating the Right Sleep Environment

Sleep Dispatch 17: Writer Vince Rause looks at the importance of good sleep habits, also known as sleep hygiene.

Creative Dreaming

Sleep Dispatch 18: Writer Vince Rause talks with dream expert Patricia Garfield about creative dreaming.

Dream Experiment

Try this experiment to see the difference between imagination and dreams.

Dreaming for Science

Sleep Dispatch 14: Writer Vince Rause takes part in a dream experiment at the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal.

Dream Interviews

Sleep Dispatch 11: Writer Vince Rause speaks with Gayle Delaney, who suggests that you don't need to know dream theory to interpret your own dream.

Dreams: Finding Out What Really Matters

Sleep Dispatch 9: Writer Vince Rause visits the University of Creation Spirituality to explore the spiritual elements of his dreams.

Epilogue: Sleep Lessons Learned

Writer Vince Rause talks about the changes in his own sleep habits based on what he learned during his month-long quest for a good night's sleep.

Explaining Dreams to an Alien

Sleep Dispatch 12: Writer Vince Rause discusses the interview method of dream interpretation with psychologist Gayle Delaney.

Let Me Glue These Electrodes to Your Headï¾…Goodnight

Sleep Dispatch 4: Vince Rause spends the night at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic, part of his month long quest for a good night's sleep.

Herbal Insomnia Remedy

Try this herbal remedy for insomnia and learn about treating insomnia in this article.

History of Sleep Theory

Learn about historical theories about sleep in this article.

I Can't Sleep Because I'm Worried About Not Sleeping

Sleep Dispatch 5: Writer Vince Rause learns that his worries about falling asleep are keeping him awake.