Sleep and Dreams

Fall asleep, stay asleep and find out why it's important to sleep. You can also learn why some people take walks or eat while they sleep.

Writer Vince Rause summarizes what he's learned during his month-long quest for a good night's sleep and offers a list of books on sleep and dreaming. Learn more about sleep and dreams in this article in this article.

A good workout might make your body look ripped, but could also ruin a good nights sleep. Get facts about exercise and tips for getting a good night's sleep.

Smoking a pack a day won't keep the doctor away or give you a good night's rest. Learn facts about smoking and how it can negatively affect your sleep.

You may not see the side effects of sleep deprivation immediately, but they'll creep up soon or later. Get examples of the effects of sleep deprivation, a common problem in our fast-paced society.

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Do you want to sleep like a baby? Babies may not sleep as deeply as we once thought. Learn what it really means to sleep like a baby.

Not surprisingly, sleep problems often arise because of bad habits that we commit while we're conscious. Find out how sleep problems can be linked to our bad habits.

For some people, snoring is more than just a nuisance. It can be the sign of a common but serious condition known as sleep apnea. Learn about diagnosing and treating serious snoring and sleep apnea problems.

Nearly one of every four men, and one of every seven women, is a frequent snorer, but there are ways to control snoring to help everyone in your household get a little more sleep.

Have you ever had a strange dream? Follow the journey of one dreamer as he and his dream interpretation class seek to find some meaning in an old recurring dream.

Most of us dream in images, but have you ever wondered how blind people dream? In what ways can their dreams differ from others' dreams?

Getting enough sleep each night makes us smarter, more efficient and aware workers during the day -- so why are so many Americans missing out on sleep? Join the crusade to save America through slumber.

Every mattress wears out eventually. How do you know when it's time to ditch the old mattress and invest in something new? These warning signs may offer a clue.

Are you a natural night owl who often wakes up after the rest of the world? It's not just laziness -- it could be due to the way your biological clock is set. How can you get back on schedule with the rest of the population?

Some people argue that our dreams of the dead carry important messages that can enrich and nourish our waking lives. Find out how visions of the departed can help us find closure and make peace with a loss.

All creatures -- including roaches -- display behaviors akin to sleep. Find out what really happens when roaches rest.

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Hygiene is a key element in overall health and should be practiced in all areas of life. Learn more about hygiene and how it can be used for sleep.

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Try this sleep schedule to help put yourself on the permanent path to a good night's rest.

Sleeping for many people is not an easy task. If you suffer from not being able to get to sleep quickly, then take a look at these steps that could possibly get you a good night's rest.

Sleeplessness is often due to bad habits. Follow journalist Vince Rause as he embarks on a month-long journey in search of a good night's sleep.

Narcolepsy causes sufferers to fall asleep unexpectedly. How does it work?

Snoring is not only frustrating for others trying to sleep, but it can also signal heath problems or sleep apnea.